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Eric Sahs

Black Belt - Instructor

Eric Sahs

BJJ Asst. Instructor.

Born into a family of professional boxers, Eric lived vicariously through Pride Fighting and UFC until he started training at Colorado BJJ (now Way of Jiu Jitsu) in 2006. He received his blue belt in 2008, purple belt in 2012, and brown belt in 2015. Mr. Sahs has medaled in COBJJ, King of the Mountain, RMBJJF, and Tournament of Champions. His bjj gi and belt are steady travel companions, joining him in Shanghai China, Edinburgh Scotland, and across the U.S.A.

Eric began coaching and teaching in 2012. He assists with kids’ class at the main academy and teaches adults at Way of Jiu Jitsu South on Saturdays; his positive attitude, discipline, structure, and passion for learning inform his approach to teaching.

Eric's bjj path has taught him valuable life lessons, including:

• Getting to the next level is less about toughness and gifting and more about consistently showing up.

• Relaxing under pressure can alleviate fear and panic.

• Technique can beat size and strength; strength can be an unreliable crutch on the mat.

• Tapping out can help identify shortcomings and technical holes and ultimately make you stronger and better.

• The path to the next belt is one of balance and steady training that looks different for each individual.

When he’s not on the mat Eric is likely managing his masonry repair company, hanging out/traveling with his wife and two kids, studying for seminary, painting, or daydreaming about his next concrete sculpture.