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Michael Baird

Brown Belt - Kids Asst. Instructor

Michael Baird

Michael has been involved in various martial arts since 12 years old, however, it wasn’t until 2005 when he started watching UFC events and developed a fascination for the ground game even though he had limited knowledge of what he was watching.  

Michael started “training MMA” that incorporated some bjj at a local karate school but he felt something was missing. One day he ran into Mike Nickels, former UFC fighter and current Rigan Machado 1st degree Black Belt, at a local Restaurant.

Mike indicated he was starting a new bjj gym nearby and invited Michael to show up for the grand opening. After the first bjj class, Michael instantly fell in love with bjj and has since then been training nonstop.  

Michael eventually received his blue and purple belt from Mike Nickels.  After a move, Michael then continued his bjj training with Professor Matt Cram, a 1st degree Blackbelt directly under Rigan Machado and one of Rigan’s top students.

Michael has been training bjj for almost 9 years. In May 2014, Michael received his brown belt from Professor Cram.

Along with the technical Jiu-Jitsu side, Michael brings a unique and innovative style to the Machado Colorado School.  It is not uncommon to see him on the mat several times each week. Michael has a passion for jiu-jitsu and he is always willing to share his knowledge to help other students advance.

Michael has competed at international bjj tournaments and has medaled at every local tournament since blue belt

When Michael is not training he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, and enjoying the Colorado outdoors through fishing and hunting.